About Whitfield Rose

Whitfield Rose is an independent specialist Vertical Transportation Consulting group servicing Australasia with offices in each mainland state of Australia.

John Whitfield and Shane Rose formed Whitfield Rose Pty. Ltd. as directors at the beginning of 2006, with each previously having over 30 years of extensive elevator industry experience with engineering and senior management roles, including 12 years’ experience with a Melbourne based multi-discipline consulting engineering practice.

John and Shane saw the need for a specialised vertical transportation consulting engineering firm that could consistently deliver the specialist needs and requirements of property developers, owners, architects and managers seeking to push the limits of design, strive to maximise rentable space and return on investment. These projects often present interesting challenges for vertical transportation. Architects, developers and owners can explore all options when working with the Australia’s leading elevator Consulting firm.

The consultancy practice continues to grow through the many Elevator, Escalator, Moving Walkway, Building Maintenance Units, and the occasional Industrial Crane and Security System consulting projects.

Client referrals and repeat business have been the source of many of the projects undertaken to date.

Whitfield Rose team of 12 bring together over 250 years of extensive elevator industry engineering and management experience with over 100 years of Specialist Consulting Engineering experience.

The Whitfield Rose team combines significant experience and expertise in the areas of specialist Elevator, Escalator, Moving Walkway, Building Maintenance Units (BMUs), Energy and Performance Measurement knowledge. The Whitfield Rose team provides our clients with a substantial competitive edge from the conceptual planning, design documentation, implementation and maintenance management, through to the provision of our full range of unique specialist Vertical Transportation Consulting Services:

  • Conceptual design and development for New projects
  • Construction planning
  • New equipment design and installation management
  • Project Administration
  • Strategic Planning and Asset Management
  • Computer modelling and simulation
  • Elevator system modernisations
  • Elevator system performance measurement
  • Elevator system energy efficiency measurement
  • Elevator and escalator maintenance auditing
  • Hazard and Risk identification
  • Planned preventative comprehensive elevator maintenance services documentation and tendering
  • Elevator maintenance contractor administration
  • Elevator car interior design and digital modelling
  • Elevator contract performance review
  • Elevator plant inspections for due diligence reporting
  • Remote Elevator performance and energy usage monitoring and reporting

Whitfield Rose is continually looking for new and innovative ways to further improve the outcomes for our clients.