Consulting Services

In addition to designing new elevator systems, elevator upgrade strategies and other vertical transportation services, Whitfield Rose also consults extensively across a range of vertical transport solutions, including:

  • Elevators / lifts
  • Escalators
  • Moving walkways
  • BMUs (Building maintenance units)
  • Cranes
  • Car parking stacker systems

Our consultancy can provide expert knowledge in the areas of:-

  1. Innovation: Whitfield Rose is continually reviewing the latest available technology for Vertical Transportation equipment and is often the early adopters of technology to optimise and future proof our client’s projects. Some are now considered industry standards, for example Large or Jumbo ”G” car buttons, Green /Red LED indicators on car door light rays, networked Voice over IP (VoIP) recording lift car emergency phone systems, lift shaft light activation from top of car, Glass car control touch panels, independent lift car performance and energy usage data logging and monitoring, independent lift car uncontrolled movement protection,
  2. Due diligence: Auditing and assessing proposed and existing projects across a wide range of measures and metrics. This can include safety, maintenance, initial and ongoing budgetary requirements and compliance with regulation and standards
  3. Expert witness: We can provide a specialised assessment of the specific issues and guidance. Our breadth of knowledge will provide valuable insight and credibility where it’s needed
  4. Energy measurement: We have an intricate knowledge of the variety of vertical transport power systems available. We can accurately measure and predict the energy usage of your infrastructure to provide you with certainty
  5. Hazard & risk assessment: All moving infrastructure generates a potential safety risk. Whitfield Rose can assess the risk of both existing and new projects. If required, we can also recommend modifications or procedural integrations to reduce this risk.
  6. Computer modelling: We can simulate how your elevators will perform under agreed standard stress tests. This computer modelling can show traffic demand across different peak and off peak periods. This modelling is invaluable in identifying opportunities for both improvement and risk mitigation.
  7. Capital planning: Whitfield Rose can provide overall cost and capital renewal planning for small to very large national portfolios.
  8. Tender documentation: Whitfield Rose understands the successes and pitfalls of the tender process. We can work with you to ensure all tender documentation is completed correctly the first time and provides you with the most competitive and strategic solution.
  9. Contract compliance evaluation: Ensure your contracts are worded correctly and are being performed to best industry standard. We can scrutinize and provide guidance on all VT specification terms so your potential risk is minimised and the contract value is maximised.
  10. Project administration and installation management: Whitfield Rose provide can project oversight and administration to ensure all project milestones, budgets and design requirements are met. We draw from our wealth of experience and ensure your project is delivered on time, on budget and with an installation that meets your objectives.

Let’s Chat

In addition to consulting services, Whitfield Rose can also provide new build and modernisations solutions for all vertical transportation situations. We can also work with you to ensure your newly completed solution maintains its reliability.

For a no obligation chat about your project, contact us.