Modernisations & Upgrades

Whitfield Rose can provide innovative and optimum design solutions for new projects and has a proven record of delivering elevator and other vertical transportation design and consultation services for all types of projects.

Modernisations & Upgrades

First impressions are so important. What impression does your property currently give? How does it compare to your competitor properties? Are you able to retain or attract new tenants and achieve optimal market rental?

If your existing infrastructure is looking tired and dated, that’s not sending an ideal message to your tenants and potential tenants.

Is the age of your VT plant affecting the energy efficiency, or the timely availability of replacement parts? This may affect on-going maintenance pricing.

Whitfield Rose can design modernisation solutions and assist you with the upgrade of your vertical transport infrastructure. This includes:

  • Elevators / Lifts
  • Escalators
  • Moving Walkways
  • Building Maintenance Units

We have successfully conceptualised and deployed vertical transport solutions in the following locations:

  • Prestigious high rise developments
  • Medium and low rise developments
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • University Campuses
  • Schools
  • Retail complexes
  • Airport terminals and transport hubs.

About the modernisation process

The modernisation process is a four-stage process. These stages are:

  1. Concept Stage
    During the concept phase Whitfield Rose will work with you to audit and assess your existing equipment. Following this assessment, a modernisation and upgrade proposal will be drafted based on your ongoing discussions. This proposal will include a custom designed concept for your upgraded infrastructure.
  2. Solution implementation Stage
    Once the concept strategy is approved, Whitfield Rose will provide detailed documentation of the agreed scope of works and performance specification for the vertical transportation solution. This will then be issued with Client contract documentation for competitive market tendering.
  3. Solution implementation Stage
    Following tender review and client award Whitfield Rose will assist with the project administration, review of contractor progress and achievement of project KPIs.
  4. Hand over stage
    Following completion of the project installation, final testing will be witnessed by Whitfield Rose and the final paperwork will be settled and you will receive complete handover of your new vertical transportation solution.

In addition to designing modernisation and upgrade solutions, Whitfield Rose is able to assess your provider’s service delivery and/or tailor comprehensive maintenance agreements to your equipment particular needs. We can work with you to ensure your upgraded solution is maintained with maximum performance and reliability.

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